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Services Offered

All  my calligraphy is hand-lettered with an oblique penholder and pointed nib dipped in ink, using the same methods and equipment as Master Penmen of the past. Each envelope, place card or note is a handmade piece of art. I specialize in classic copperplate calligraphy, but I can vary my script to create a style that best suits your event.


All pricing assumes writing surface to be provided by client. Client must supply 20% overage of paper products. I can source and provide material at an additional fee.

If desired service is not listed, please reach out for a quote.

Envelope Calligraphy

  • Outer envelope: $4.50 each

  • Inner envelope (guest names only): $2.00 each

Service Fees and Upgrades

  • Extra Flourishing: +$0.50/envelope

  • Dark/Lined envelopes: +$1.00/envelope

  • Addresses over 4 lines (including zip): +$0.50/line/envelope

  • Stuff and Ship: $2.00 per envelope

  • Apply Postage: $0.25/stamp (in addition to cost of postage)

  • Custom Ink Color: $50 (Black, white, gold are standard)

  • Rush Orders: 25% - 50% of total order depending on turnover time and my schedule

Hand-Lettered Signage

Priced individually depending on design and amount of calligraphy

Day-of Calligraphy

  • Place card (name only): $2.00 each

  • Escort card (name/couple + seating assignment): $3.00 each

  • Non-paper place cards (Shells, rocks, leaves, etc): $3.50 each

  • Favor tag: $2.50 each

  • Table card: $5.00+ each

Service Fees and Upgrades:​

  • Set-up fee for unusual surfaces (leaves, tiles, stones, shells, etc): $50

  • Dark/Opaque paper: +$0.50 each

  • Extra names/words on Escort Cards: +$0.50 each

Custom Vintage Postage Set

A specially curated collection of vintage stamps

  • 1-oz sets: $3.50+ per envelope

  • 2-oz sets: $5.00+ per envelope

  • 3-oz sets: $6.00+ per envelope

Thank you for reaching out! I will get back to you within 2 business days.

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